LOCATION: The nature of the picnic is access to public spaces. We may move a picnic for any number of reasons, some of the most frequent are safety, privacy (we cannot control who will be in a public space and when,) access to shade, views and other reasons. We cannot guarantee an exact location although we will do our best to acquire access to said location. If we cannot garner access, we will set up in another suitable location nearby. All local rules, signs, laws and other permissions apply. Namely, glass, alcohol and fires are not allowed at most Vancouver parks and beaches. We cannot guarantee privacy, these are public spaces, as such there will be people.

WEATHER: All reservations are weather permitting. In the event of rain or snow, we will do all we can to accommodate a dry picnic either by moving the location under a sheltered area or by rescheduling you to another day or time. No refunds will be issued for weather-related changes. All reservations require 3 days advanced notice and must be paid fully 3 days in advance or they will be cancelled.

FOOD: Please be sure to let us know of any food sensitivities before booking.

SAFETY: We take the utmost care in cleaning and maintaining furniture and decor items. Please only use these items in the manner which they were intended. For the safety of our guests, each picnic is thoroughly washed and sanitized between each use.

PHOTOS: By taking photos, you allow us to post on our social media accounts and any promotional materials we may produce in the future. All photos are the sole property of PIC YOUR NIC and will be used at our discretion. 

CANCELLATION + REFUND POLICY: No refunds once booked but we will reschedule without penalty up to 3 days before your picnic. If it's less than 3 days notice, you'll have a picnic credit, less any food charges, for a future reservation. Food charges are $10 per person.